Bette J. Roth, Esq. has been on the forefront of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) since 1989.  She has successfully resolved more than 1,500 disputes for attorneys and their clients through mediation, arbitration, and other ADR processes.  

Ms. Roth mediates and arbitrates cases of all types, and for the past several years has focused on employment, securities, commercial contract, real estate, and construction claims.  She is located in Metro-Boston, but frequently mediates for clients throughout New England, New York, the mid-west, and the west coast.

In addition, Ms. Roth teaches mediation, provides fact-finding, investigations, and case evaluations, facilitates large group communications, and publishes extensively.  Ms. Roth also trains other mediators and arbitrators, as well as other professionals and students in negotiation, ethics, and communication.