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Ms. Roth is located in Metro Boston, although she provides dispute resolution services nationwide.  For questions about her practice or a dispute resolution process, she can be reached as follows: 

Email              Email: Bette Roth 
Mail              Bette J. Roth, Esq.
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Telephone     (617) 795-2425

Testimonials   (unsolicited)

“Dear Bette – With the mediation now over, I hope it is OK to send you a short note of appreciation.  First, I am grateful to the sensitivity you showed in billing for the mediation.  The legal fees I have incurred… have been astronomical and so I am very grateful for your consideration as you billed.  Second, I also want to thank you for the efforts you made to resolve the matter.  I’m sure many have told you just how skilled you are as a mediator and I want to add my voice to the chorus.  In addition, I appreciate the care and concern you showed to me during this very painful process… your persistence and hard work helped bring some closure… and I am grateful for that.  Other mediators would have given up or not cared enough.  While I would have preferred to have met and worked with you [under different circumstances], I want you to know that the work you did increased my belief in the power of mediation and the importance of strong, well-prepared, and wise mediators.  Thank you very much!”

“Thank you for your Herculean efforts here… Again, we couldn’t have done this without you.”

“Bette:  You’re the best there is.”

“It’s always a pleasure mediating with you and I was ecstatic with the result on Tuesday. My client was too. What [opposing counsel] said at the beginning was definitely true – you’re very unique in having a great reputation with both employee and employers, and deservedly so.”

“Attorney Roth’s soft-spoken unassuming style, combined with what obviously is long experience, and her astute insight into people and human conflict, were key to settling the case. 
She also made it clear (in a manner most polite and professional) that one should not waste time with extreme unrealistic settlement proposals, nor should one state (without really meaning it) that a particular negotiating position is one’s bottom line…. I hope to engage Attorney Roth’s services as a mediator in the future.”

“He just called me and could not say enough about your skill as a neutral.  I told him to send you an email.”

“Dear Bette, 
I want to thank you for achieving a resolution in a very difficult conflict. 
We had little hope going in due to the intransigence of the opposing side’s position which never wavered in almost a year. Once you appeared, there was all of a sudden room to negotiate–room that had not been in evidence before. 
Again–our sincere thanks.
Best wishes,
[ ]”

“Let me say at the outset how pleased I was to work with such a terrific mediator…”

“I must admit that… I did not enter the mediation with any expectation of success in bringing the matter to a resolution.  However, to my astonishment… the parties were able to reach an acceptable settlement in this most difficult case.  Ms. Roth’s professionalism throughout the painstaking, three hour mediation, enabled both sides not only to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each others case, but also enabled the parties to creatively craft a compromise that seemed impossible at the outset.”

“…I will certainly utilize your services on behalf of [other] clients.  I found your work on the matter we worked on together to be extremely caring and quite productive.”

“Thanks so much for your work on Monday.  It’s not too often that I come out of mediation getting a better result than I expected, but Monday was one of those days!”

“I just wanted to thank you for your generous assistance and good work at the mediation today.  All too often I’ve had the experience of attempting to find a resolution of a case around or through the mediator; it was a relief to know that the process today was in such capable hands.  And it’s a terrific outcome for all of the parties.  Thanks again for helping to make it happen.”

“…. At the outset of the mediation, it was clear that the respective parties had diametrically opposed views of the relevant facts.  However, utilizing both her legal and negotiation skills, a compromise resolution was achieved.  Throughout the duration of the mediation, Ms. Roth impressed me as being a very dedicated, hard working individual who was both motivated and extremely conscientious and aware of her obligations as a mediator to bring about a resolution.  I sincerely believe that without her intervention in this case, it would never have settled.”

“You did a great job on my mediation, which was a tough one.”

“I appreciate your hard work at yesterday’s mediation.  In several respects, it was a tough case to mediate, and you handled it professionally and skillfully.  Thanks again.”
(party) “Dear Bette, I wish there were a better way to say thank you… a way that would truly express just how much your kindness meant!  Thank you for all of your help.  Because of your concern, you made a stressful day much easier for me…. p.s., I am sleeping well.”

“Thank you Bette for smoothly handling the complexities of yesterday’s mediation.  Nancy and I look forward to working with you again.”

“Thanks again for your very talented and successful mediation efforts in this case.”

“Thanks for your help.  We would not have been able to resolve this matter without your assistance.”

“Thanks for an excellent effort yesterday.  This was a very difficult case both on the issues and on the parties involved.  You did a wonderful of job of navigating through some pretty stormy waters.  The parties had been trying to settle this thing for over four years and you did it in six hours!   Thanks!”

“Thank you for doing such a great job for the [name] Trust last night.  Your sensitivity, compassion and skill dealing with all the players involved made what could have been a very difficult meeting very productive.” 

“Thanks again for the great work last week.  [Client’s name] was never a fan of mediation before and I had to talk her into trying mediation with you.  It couldn’t have worked out better.  You made me look like a hero in front of my client.”

“[My client] asked me to tell you that he was more than satisfied with your efforts.  I’ve never had a client compliment a mediator in that way.”

“Attorney [name] said you did a phenomenal job yesterday.”

“You did a great job resolving a difficult case”

“Thank you for your fine work and professionalism”

“Bette:  Thanks for all your hard work yesterday.  I look forward to working with you again sometime.”

“I know that yesterday was difficult to say the least ….but it’s done and gone and for a decent number ….I do appreciate that you put up with us all for the day and thanks again …”

“[Name] and I thank you very much for your hard work yesterday as well as 8 months ago.  I tried to emphasis the benefits of settlement to [Name].  He deemed it a success and it is very rare of him to say that about anything.  We think you did a fabulous job.” 

“You really did a remarkable job on a very tough case.”

“Next time, I won’t even bother picking any numbers…I will just leave it up to you since you knew all day where I was going!”

“Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you again soon.”
(party) “Thank you for all your hard work.  I trust it was an interesting case for you; it was certainly an important life event for me.  Just keep up the good work and best of luck to you and everything you do.  I want to thank you again for everything you’ve done and wish you the very best.”

“Thank you as well for all of your hard work and persistence (and tolerance) on what I imagine will go down in your history book as one of the more difficult mediations.  I really do appreciate everything you did to get it done (as does my client).  I also wanted to tell you that I enjoyed working with you very much and hope we get a chance to work together again in the future.  I would certainly give you an excellent reference to anyone who asked.”

“As usual, your hard work made a huge difference in resolving the case.”

“I am sure we will work together again. My client and I both think you did a terrific job with a difficult case.”

“Wonderful!!  You really accomplished a significant result here.  My client and I appreciate it tremendously.”

“Thank you for being so instrumental throughout this process.  I am glad we found you.  I will certainly give my highest recommendation for you to any attorney I know.”

“Thanks again for your work yesterday.  You worked very hard and you accomplished a lot.  Well done.  It did not go the way I thought it would go… you made things happen fast at the end.  Thanks for helping us reach a settlement.”

“Bette, You can check this mediation as closed and successful.  It was a pleasure to work with you to resolve my situation and this lengthy matter.  Thank you again for all the effort and patience.” 

(pro se party):  “I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did as our mediator.  [We] are so grateful and thankful that it has come to a close.    Thanks again….. “

“For your information, the final settlement has now been concluded.  Thanks again for your fine mediation effort.”

“Thank you again for your great work in helping us resolve this matter.  I look forward to working with you again.”

“Let’s just go to $____.  We’re done.  You were terrific”

“Thanks Bette.  Glad we came to a global deal.  I didn’t think that was going to be possible at this point last week.”

“Bette,    …Also, I wanted to thank you for your excellent work in this case.  I was very impressed with you and will certainly use you again.  More importantly, my client was very pleased with your work and described you as ‘honest’ and ‘fair.’  Thanks again for making this a success.”

“Bette, Thank you. It was a true pleasure working with you today. (-;”

“Yes, they made their first payment the other day. Let’s hope it goes that way for the next four months….  Thank you again for all your good work in this case.”

“Dear Bette:  I knew I would not be disappointed.  Your thoughtful approach to the difficult issues and competing view of the facts was invaluable in achieving the great success that you facilitated so adeptly.  That said, I thought you were a little bit tough on my clients on the factual disputes!  However, I am also very certain that doing so got it done.  Thank you again.  It was great working with you.”

“Thank you for all your hard work, Bette.”

“Settlement docs signed.  Check received….  Again, you did a wonderful job.  Best Regards…..”

“Great job today in mediating this dispute.  I was a little surprised that my clients were as flexible as the were as I’d mentioned to you that_____ can be a tough customer.  Anyways, I’d be pleased to ask for your services again from ____ in the future for other cases.”

“Your name is being circulated on the MELA intranet as a potential mediator. I gave you a very high recommendation, as did _________.  Best regards,_____” 

“Bette, Thank you for your good work yesterday in getting the parties to a settlement.  I appreciate your efforts.  Thank you.”

“Bette, thanks for everything.  You really did a great job getting the parties onto the same page over this marathon session … not an easy project.”

“It was a pleasure to speak with you today.  Thank you again for all of your hard work yesterday.  Hopefully, we will get the settlement agreement signed and we can all move on.  I will keep you in the loop on the settlement [agreement].  Thanks again for all of your help.”

“Bette – Thank you very much, and thanks for sticking with it so late into the night…. We’ll let you know how it goes on getting the agreements finalized.”

“It was truly a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for the time you put into this.”

“Thank you again for a terrific job mediating our case. What great, tenacious work!”

“For your information, the settlement has now been concluded.  Thanks again for your fine mediation effort.”  

“You did a terrific job on Friday.  Thanks for your help.”
(party) “Dear Ms. Roth, Now that my case is officially over, I’d like to thank you for your guidance and kindness throughout the day of my mediation on ___.  It was a long anticipated day filled with emotion and anxiety but I felt a sense of peace for the first time since I began the journey toward justice for my family.  My husband was a very wonderful person who worked very hard throughout his short lifetime.  I felt like I owed it to him and my children to find a resolution.  Thank you again for helping me through that day.”

“Bette Roth Rocks”

“Bette:  Thanks for your great work on Friday…. Thanks again.”

“Bette, thank you very much for your work on this case–it is truly much appreciated.”

“Thank you for your time yesterday.  Your professionalism and patience were instrumental in getting this matter resolved.”

“Great news and great work, Bette!”

“[My partner] told me that you did a great job at the mediation, which of course came as no surprise…. You are soooooooooooo great at what you do.” 

“Bette, thanks again for all your help on this matter–really above and beyond the call of what is required in most cases.”

“Hope you are well.  [Lawyer] said you were terrific.  I said, ‘of course.’  Best Regards.”

“Thank you so much for recommending Bette.  She was perfect for this matter.  I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to bring both sides to a very reasonable resolution in a highly charged and legally complex case.  I can’t tell you how happy my client and I were that she was able to resolve this.”

“I used Bette Roth in such a case and was very pleased.  She was able to assist us in structuring a very advantageous and creative settlement for my client, who had been the victim of a foreclosure scam.  Her email is….”

“‘Bette just helped mediate a settlement of a complex dispute between co-shareholders of a privately owned business. These kinds of business divorce cases are complex, personal, and the stakes are high. Bette helped to reach a buyout solution that allows the parties to separate from each other. My clients can now run the business without interference or second-guessing. The selling shareholders realized some value for their shares and their contribution. Well done Bette!’ … Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity” (unsolicited review reprinted from LinkedIn)

“Bette: Thank you very much for all you did to get the [employment] matter settled.  Your timeless persistence was the reason the case settled.  I will think of you in the future for [other] mediations.” 

“Done and dusted. Checks delivered yesterday. [Client] has signed agreement and it’s on its way to me. [Plaintiff] has signed. Stipulation of Dismissal sent to court yesterday. All is good. Thanks for all of your hard work on this.”

“It was a pleasure working with you last week on this matter.  I truly don’t think we would have been able to resolve this matter without your assistance.”

“Bette: I appreciate all your efforts and your dedication in bringing about the result.”

“We appreciated your work yesterday.  I think you brought the right tone and demeanor to the session, which no doubt helped a newbie plaintiff’s counsel feel comfortable in the process and in the conclusion. …I’m sure we’ll cross paths again soon.”

“Thanks for your help on it.  [Client] sent a nice note, which included the following: ‘When you see Bette please let her know how much I respect her fairness and objectivity.'”

“Bette, I am SO IMPRESSED that you managed to settle that case!  You are walking on water over here.”

“I want to thank you for all of your effort yesterday.  It was a long day, but at the end, an agreement was reached.”
(pro se party) “Hopefully, you have recovered from our ‘fun’ day.  I do want to take a moment and state that I appreciate all that you worked on and I am very happy it is behind me now.  Once again thank you.”

“Thanks, and thanks for all your hard work yesterday, you did a great job.” 

“‘Dear [Counsel], Our mediation with Bette Roth concluded successfully last week.  My partner really liked her and said he would recommend her and would use her again.  Thanks for the reference.'”

“Thanks again for your great work yesterday!”

“Dear Bette, On behalf of my clients, myself, and I am sure the [defendant] and the individual defendants, I want to thank you for your hard and successful work to settle this case. We very much appreciate the care with which you listened and forthright manner with which you spoke. This was an emotional case with many complicated facts and you managed to hold all of it with grace and move the parties toward resolution with compassion.”

“[Counsel] put it so well – but please know we fully echo her sentiments.  It was your earnest diligence and persistence that pushed us to resolve this monstrous case – a resolution that was a long-time-coming for all.  We look forward to keeping in touch, recommending your work and working with you again.”

“Thank you so much for helping us to resolve a cantankerous litigation.  I firmly believe that your well-honed skill sets and professionalism worked wonders.  Would not hesitate to recommend you to others.”

“Hey Bette, I know it isn’t the first and it won’t be the last time I thank you again for the wonderful job you did yesterday.  You’re not only a mediator, but you’re Merlin the Magician.  You are a mediator magician.  Of course I will spread the word as I have before, but now I have a new reason to spread it even more about your wonderful service.  Thank you.”

“Hi, Bette.  I just wanted to thank you for your hard work.  You certainly did a nice job and were able to express to [my client] some of the things she needed to hear.  We appreciate it.  This case has been a long road, and I have to admit I’m happy to have it done!  J.  Thanks again.”

“Thank Bette, and thanks for all you hard work today.  I really appreciate it.” 

“Thank you Bette,… for your kind words and likewise I am sure for all involved.  My client and I see closing this case as very positive.  Mediation was [opposing counsel’s] suggestion and our thanks ought to include him for this too.  I would not hesitate to return to you in another case or to tell another the effort and results you reached for us.  Thank you again.” 

“Hi Bette, I just wanted to thank you for your hard work.” 

“Thank you again for going above and beyond the call of duty on Tuesday.  You really did a fantastic job.”

“Bette:  Just chiming in to reiterate [Name’s] comments about your efforts on Tuesday.  I am certain that no mediator could have done a better job.  Thank you, …”

“I used Bette to mediate a difficult employment dispute.  She did an excellent job at bringing together parties who were very far apart.  She listened well, knew the law and came in prepared.  She is adept at explaining the opposing party’s position in understandable terms, she is sensitive to the needs of the parties and she is able to convey the positions of the parties appropriately in the individual sessions.  She worked hard to bring both parties to a settlement and stayed with it even when it looked like there would be no agreement.  All throughout she maintained a pleasant demeanor and was patient with the process.  She is an excellent mediator and I would use her again.” (unsolicited review reprinted from LinkedIn).

“Thanks, Bette. It was great working with you as well.  I can tell you that our side of the V very much appreciates and recognizes all of the hard work that you put in on Monday to get both sides to yes.” 

“Thanks, Bette.  As usual, you did a great job.  That was not an easy case and you brought it home.  I know [client] was impressed (even if he wasn’t overjoyed about the settlement) and so was I.”

“Hi Bette,  Thank you very much for a great job.  I certainly would recommend you to others and look forward to working with you again…. Look forward to speaking with you again soon.  Thanks.”

“Thanks for your hard work yesterday, Bette.  You did a terrific job and I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

“Bette, thank you for a very professional mediation.  I enjoyed meeting you and working with you.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“I want to thank you for all your hard work yesterday and bringing the parties to an agreement.  It was a long day, and I appreciated your efforts as well as your approach which both probed the difficulties with our case and validated the pain that my client’s experienced.  I look forward to working with you again soon…He’s happy to move on.  Thanks for helping to keep it all in perspective.”
“You were wonderful, and as I predicted, made a terrific impression on [client], and she told the in house counsel I have been dealing with on the matter how great you were.  Thank you, thank you…. Have a wonderful holiday, and it was terrific working with you again.”

“Hi Bette, I was really pleased with the mediation yesterday and thought you did a terrific job!  You were spot on with your push for opening statements, as I think it laid the groundwork for success.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your work in Friday’s mediation with [name].  Your enthusiasm and determination to complete the process was refreshing and it would not have happened without your efforts.  I would highly recommend you to anyone who would be in need of mediation services.  Best Wishes.”

“Thank you.  My experience is that if both sides want an agreement, and they are willing to see the process through, then it will happen.  I certainly appreciate all your hard work to reach a solution.  You were relentless and the positive result is directly contributable to your effort.  Thanx.”

“Thanks very much for all your hard work on this matter…”

“Thanks again for your help.  You did a great job.  I hope that your vacation has been enjoyable in spite of our emails.”

“Thanks for all your hard work yesterday, Bette.  You did a terrific job and I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

“It was a pleasure working with you again Bette.  You did a great job on this one.”

“The ___ matter has been resolved and we’ve executed the settlement papers late last week.  Thank you again for your efforts in resolving this case.”

“My sincere thanks again for your help in getting us to a very satisfying settlement.”

“Thank you for your efforts which brought this very challenging matter to a conclusion.  I look forward to working with you again.”
“Thank you for all your help and hard work today.  I know it wasn’t easy, but we are pleased with the outcome.”

“Next time we have the pleasure to work together should be a walk in the park compared to this one. Thanks for your efforts.  

“Thank you, Bette.  And on a personal note, I really appreciate your hard work and efforts yesterday.  You were able to overcome an obviously contentious relationship to arrive at an agreement that I sometimes questioned whether we would reach.  Thank you for your help.”

“Thanks, Bette.  [Client] is doing okay – just happy this ordeal is coming to an end.”
“Your help in mediating and resolving this case was greatly appreciated.”
“Thanks Bette.  I really appreciate your ability to get the case resolved”.
“Thank you Bette. Your thoughtful words really do make a difference and put things in perspective. Thank you for your fortitude and getting both sides to the middle.”
“Thanks Bette, I don’t think we could have settled that case with anyone else.”  

“I had full confidence you would be successful in getting this done, truly.  I am very grateful. I am certain my folks will be too.”
“I have no words to express how much I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to finding a solution today.  Thank you for all your efforts.”  

“It was great working with you again. Thank you for your help!!”

“Thank you again for all of your efforts, especially given the unique challenges yesterday.”

“Bette: I want to thank you and congratulate you on a job well done… I thought you were great and it was a pleasure to work with you on this matter. I really appreciated your opening statement particularly your referents to creating a “safe zone” it was very empowering and i thank you for that… Again Thank you.”

“Bette – Thanks again for your great work yesterday.  It was a very interesting day to say the least.  I appreciate all of your hard work under challenging circumstances.”  

“Both [name] and I want to thank you for the time and effort which you spent on the mediation of this case. We are quite certain that the parties would never have been able to arrive at a settlement on their own. The services which you provided in reaching a resolution were certainly instrumental and were greatly appreciated by our clients, as well as [name] and I. We certainly look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“I just wanted to let you know that [opposing counsel] thought you did a great job with the mediation.  Thanks again for your hard work.”
“I just wanted to say its always such a pleasure to work with you.  You are a consummate professional.  My clients are very impressed and you worked your magic and we got a deal done, and I agree with you that now was the time to do it.  So again, as always its really always a pleasure working with you.”  
“Dear Bette,  
     This note I’m sending is overdue and I apologize.  I want to thank you whole-heartedly for your presence in the mediation room on [date].  I understand that day was just another day at work for you- another successful mediation, but I want you to know that I have such a true respect for what you do and would like to tell you about what the day meant to me.
     The events that led me to be in mediation that day are the most painful memories of my life. I’ve shared them with lawyers, investigators, advocates, and [others] all once perfect strangers to me. After a while, it began to feel robotic, in a way. It’s as if the repetition to unfamiliar faces begins to wring the emotion out of you, distancing your soul from the experience’s reality and leaving you with just the cold fact of the matter.It makes all the difference in the world when the person listening does so with compassion, as you did. 
     It can be difficult to articulate your experiences when the anger is still very present. Your warmth and sense of humanity meant the world to me in that room and allowed my truth to walk boldly. I’m grateful for the safe space you offered…. 
     Again, I’m sorry for the delay in reaching out to you, I had intended to do it sooner. I am so very thankful that you were chosen to be with us that day, Bette. Be well.  
     All my best, [party] “
“Thanks Bette, It was a pleasure working with you as well.  You certainly had your job cut out for you, and you performed it admirably.  I know [clients] were impressed.  No, I didn’t really have apprehensions at the outset, but I was certainly less than sanguine about our prospects of reaching a settlement…   Perhaps, after spending several hours with [opposing party] you  have a better understanding of why I thought the case would have to be tried.  I apologize if my “warrior” mode was ever an obstacle to the process [as the case settled in mediation], but I wanted [opposing party] to understand we were prepared – indeed, very prepared – to try this case.  Have a great weekend,….”

“Once again, it was a pleasure working with you yesterday.  I was pleased with the outcome, and appreciate how hard you worked to get us there.”
“I want to thank you again for the superb job you did in mediating this case.  This is the second time I’ve witnessed you do the impossible!  I hope to work with you again in the future.”
“Thanks, Bette – it was a pleasure working with you, and thanks for your help!” 

“I want to thank you again for your hard work to help us get this matter resolved.  It was truly a group effort!   I look forward to the next time!” 

“Thank you for all your hard work Bette!  You were great.” 

“Thank you so much for your extraordinary efforts in resolving this case.  I greatly appreciated the assistance you provided, particularly when we got bogged down on the training piece. As always, you were great!” 

“Thank you Bette.  It was great meeting and working with you as well.” 

“Bette – thanks very much for all of your help with this matter!” 

“Thanks again.  Pleasure working with you.  I’m sure our paths will cross again.” 

“Hi Bette – It was great to see you too and thanks for helping us get such a great result.” 

“That explains his [opposing counsel’s] very kind words about you…I’ve got him working on dates and will circle back soon.”

“Thank you Bette.  It was a pleasure to meet you, and we appreciate the hard work and efforts to get this resolved.  I think you were right about the opening statements.”

“Bette, … thanks for your hard work in getting the case resolved.  Well done, and it was a pleasure to work with you again.”

“Thank you, Bette, for helping us to reach a resolution.”

“Hi Bette: We got the paperwork done…Thank you, as always for your incredibly hard work in reaching a successful resolution.  It is very appreciated by me and my client.”

“Thanks Bette.  You did a great job for both sides.”

“It was a pleasure working with you as well!  After hearing great things, it was nice to finally meet you and see you achieve a great result in this case.  [Another lawyer] was happy I connected with you, too.  I’m sure we’ll work together again down the road.”

“Thanks, Bette, for a very nice job and good result!”

“It was great working with you again.  Thanks for the hard work yesterday.  Hope you have a great weekend.”

“Thanks so much for all of your work on this and getting the parties to a resolution.  I had my doubts that this one could settle and it certainly would not have without your efforts, including on the day of mediation and thereafter.  Happy Thanksgiving!”

“It was great to meet you and to work with you as well.  [Client] and I both appreciated your obvious preparation and your assistance in helping [Client] to resolve the matter.  I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.”  

“Bette, Thank you for getting the parties to settlement.  It was a pleasure working with you.”

“Thanks again, Bette, I don’t think this would have happened without your assistance.”

“Thanks, Bette.  It was a pleasure working with you and thank you for all your help.”

“Thank you for all your preparation and hard work on [date].  I’m sure it wasn’t easy mediating with [client].  It was a pleasure meeting you as well and we hope to work with you again in the future.”

“Thank you for all your efforts.  We could not have done it without you.”

References from counsel or parties are available.