ADR Resources

ADR Resources

This section provides access to the rules and resources relating to dispute resolution.  In Massachusetts, arbitrations are governed by the Federal Arbitration Act or the Massachusetts Uniform Arbitration Act .  On the horizon for many states is the Revised Uniform Arbitration Act, which was completed in 2000, and has been forwarded to state legislatures for adoption.  It has been adopted by Alaska, Colorado, D.C., Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Utah. 

Arbitrators are governed by the Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes.

Most states provide mediation confidentiality statutes.  In Massachusetts, mediation confidentiality is governed by M.G.L.A. Ch. 233 § 23C

The Unifor Mediation was completed in 2001 and is being considered, in some form, by various states.  It has already been adopted by D.C., Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico (with variation) Ohio, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia. 

Many other organizations provide valuable information for the ADR practitioner.  For additional resources, see other ADR related websites .